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Darla Tackett
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Windthorst Junior High School
PO Box 190     100 St.Mary's Dr.
Windthorst, Texas 76389




Windthorst Junior High UIL Results
Overall 2nd place finish in the District

ART                                          Dictionary                                Listening
7th grade                                   7th grade                                   7th grade
1st Miriam Nolasco                     3rd Gage Gillispie                       2nd Ciara Veitenmeimer
2nd Brenna Anderle                     4th Lupita Castilleja
3rd Elissa Bloom                                    6th Brenna Anderle
            1st place Team                           1st place Team

8th grade                                   8th grade                                   8th grade
2nd Rosi Montoya                       4th Ferrin Garrett             3rd- Julian Castilleja
4th Kacee Teichman                    6th Laiken Farr                                  Cade Hoffman
6th Briana Escalante                        Ben Lofland                               Orlando Aldaba
            1st place Team                           2nd place Team                          2nd place Team

Calculator                                Editorial Writing                       Maps, Graphs & Charts
7th grade                                   7th grade                                   7th grade
2nd Zane Hackley                       5th- Eddie Llamas                       3rd Jayden Friddle
3rd Miriam Nolasco                                                                     5th Gage Lindley
5th Eddie Llamas                                                                             Kason Berend
            2nd place Team                                                                          2nd place Team

8th grade                                   8th grade                                   8th grade
3rd Kyle Wolf                             1st Ethan Belcher                       4th Ben Lofland
5th Ben Lofland                          3rd Chris Vomastek                    6th Luke Koetter
6th Freddy Pineda                                                                           Freddy Pineda
            2nd place Team                                                                          3rd place Team

Chess Puzzle                           Impromptu Speaking               Mathematics
7th grade                                                                                  7th grade
1st Hunter Herndon                                                                     5th Gage Lindley
2nd Miriam Nolasco                                                                    5th Eddie Llamas
      Ciara Veiteneimer                                                                     Zane Hackley
            2nd place Team                                                                          2nd place Team

8th grade                                   8th grade                                   8th grade
3rd Ben Lofland                          2nd Teressa Brown                      2nd Cy Belcher
      Caleb Schroeder                   4th Sophia Trejo                                   3rd Ethan Belcher
      Cade Hoffman                                                                    6th Kyle Wolf
            2nd place Team                                                                          1st place Team

Modern Oratory                        Number Sense                         Number Sense
7th grade                                   7th grade                                   8th grade
1st Gage Lindley                        Miriam Nolasco                         1st Cy Belcher
3rd Mia Martinez                         Gage Gillispie                                Ethan Belcher
                                                    Lupita Castilleja                                       Kyle Wolf
                                                           3rd place Team                            2nd place Team


Oral Reading                            Ready Writing                                      Science
8th grade                                   7th grade                                               7th grade
5th Teressa Brown                      1st Gage Lindley                                    3rd Cooper Wolf
                                                    6th Hunter Herndon                             5th Kaiden DiMarzio
                                                                                                                              3rd place Team

Spelling                                   8th grade                                               8th grade
8th grade                                   2nd Ethan Belcher                                   1st Andrew Scheffe
4th Marli Kermiar                                                                                     3rd Ferrin Garrett
     Teressa Brown                                                                                             2nd place Team
     Laiken Farr
            3rd place Team

Social Studies
7th grade
1st Jayden Friddle
6th Cooper Wolf
     Haven Vieth
            1st place Team

8th grade
2nd Ethan Blecher
4th Luke Koetter
     Cy Belcher
            1st place Team



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