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2017-18 Student Code of Conduct 

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Blue and White




"Every One is Important"




Rally, sons of Windthorst High

Sing her glory and sound her fame!

Raise her white and blue and cheer with voices true,

Rah, Rah for Windthorst High!


Cheer, Cheer for old Windthorst High,

Raise up the echoes cheering her name!

Send her volley cheer on high,

Shake down the thunder from the sky!


What though the odds be great or small,

Old Windthorst High will win over all!

While her loyal sons are marching onward to VICTORY

V - I - C - T - O - R - Y, VICTORY!!





The policies and procedures contained in this handbook are the result of a concentrated effort on the part of the School Board, faculty, and the administration.This information has been carefully prepared and presented so that it will be of great value in helping you to adjust to our school and to become an integral part of it.

The ultimate purpose of education is to help each student become an effective citizen in a democracy.To develop and accept the responsibilities and obligations of good citizenship will help us to participate successfully in the world of tomorrow.We hope that you will participate in our varied activities and thus find those things within our school which will prepare you to live a better life and finally take your place in this complex society.Remember that your success in this school will be directly proportional to your efforts.

This school district does not discriminate because of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, or handicapped status.



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